Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Little Spoon's Next Big Eating Adventure

I can't wait till this weekend - I am finally going to a restaurant I've been wanting to visit for months - a "reincarnation" of the once fabulous "Freehold Country Inn" -a gem of a dining experience, tucked away in the unlikely little town of Freehold in Greene County.

The new version is called the Mountain View Brasserie located in Greenville, NY, one town over from Freehold. It opened in May of 2007 by the same people that renovated and operated the Freehold Country Inn, until it was sold in August 2006. This was a legendary restaurant (take my word on this one...) – it was the kind of dining experience that truly was an “experience”.

The Freehold Country Inn served fresh, innovative dishes, prepared and presented flawlessly and served by the most professional of servers. Going there was a treat – whether it was to have the melon soup in the summer, bright and delicious and unexpected, or one of the many salads – anything but ordinary. Winter made you think of eating a more hearty dish – like the outrageously good sirloin topped with gorgonzola.. I know, I know.. sounds too rich, too heavy.. but the Freehold pulled this dish off like no other restaurant has… it was simply…”wow”…

So it is with these memories of the Freehold Inn's fabulous food and presentation, that I anticipate another great dining experience at Mountain View Brasserie - And I will do the right thing – report back for all those other food crazed fans out there – and I hope it’s good news..

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