Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tapas Toujours!

This is the third time I’ve been to Rezaz Enoteca in Asheville, North Carolina – and every time I leave I can’t wait to go again.

I only get to go once a year – and literally all year long I dream about this warm, cozy, relaxed, and authentic wine bar.

My sister lives in Raleigh and during my annual visit she’s nice enough to take me to Asheville – no short trip, we’re talking 4 hours… but so worth it..

So plan our 2 day trip around eating at various restaruants. Rezaz is scheduled for day 2. As the time approaches we get excited - to take the first sip of wine and the first bite of cheese.. we cannot wait...!
So we get there, and as we enter we see our waiter, the same one we’ve always had – a youngish guy who literally ‘flits’ from table to table, black Reeboks sliding on the wood floor for added speed..

We sit at a table near the window and accept the menus - heading right for the Wine by the Glass section. We're both fans of the red - my sister starts with a Rioja, and I with a Sangiovese. Then we get to the tapas.. .ahhh… the tapas...

We choose to go with a “Create Your Own” selection and we choose 8 items (becuase 5 is just not enough). We decide on 2 cheeses served with a house made onion jam – one is a Tallegio that is out of this world, we choose 2 kinds of olives, 2 kinds of smoked meats, including a soppressata and prosciutto, roasted asparagus and Spanish roasted red peppers..

And it’s all served with fresh peasant bread that’s been cubed, drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar and Olive Oil and warmed up.. omg… I died and went to wine and tapas heaven…

If this is how it’s done in the Mediterranean, then book me a flight – I’m ready to endure this age old tradition.. on a daily basis…

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  1. Yes, indeed this place is a fantastic find. We've been there different nights and it is always hopping. The place is family-run and they carefully select their wines. The wait staff is excellent in helping you select a combination of Tapas that go with a particular wine or vice versa. And BTW, the bread is homemade by them. A delightful place in Biltmore Village. -AD