Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Warning for Vegetarians

So here I was, on a typical weekeday at work, eating my microwaved Campbell's Select Harvet Light Vegetable Pasta soup... It's low cal, full of whole wheat past noodles and vegetables.. and not bad tasting either..
All was right with the world.. or so I thought...
In a moment of boredom, I picked up the container and start reading, and to my horror I notice on the ingredients list, number one, top ingredient.. is Chicken Broth????

Whaaaa? Wait a minute!
This vegetarian almost fell off her chair in surprise... Why? Well, I have been so committed in the past year and a half to sticking, successfully I might add, (or so I thought) to the vegetarian thing (ok, so pescatarian really.. but still). I felt a little betrayed. There are limited options as it is for us non-carnivores, this just ruined my day.

So - here's a warning to all of you vegetarians - don't assume that the vegetable soup, or French Onion soup, or even Manhattan Clam Chowder, is made with vegetable stock.. you could find yourself falling off your chair, and what your  mess your spilled soup would make... trust me...

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  1. and furthermore... I've gotten nowhere with Campbell's Soups to use recyclable plastic lids on the containers. Think of how many of these plastic lids go into the landfills every day. Add it up and it's totally unacceptable. It really galls me that they try so hard to portray themselves as socially responsible.