Saturday, September 11, 2010

Wine, Pizza and Friends = Perfection

Last night I hit the town (Troy, that is) after work with my two favorite accomplices. Looking for some good wine and a little comfort food we found ourselves at Bacchus, in downtown, on Second Street, downstairs from Daisy Baker's. (With a name like "Bacchus" how could we go wrong??)

After securing a nice table in the corner, all three of us started with a glass of the Murphy Goode Sauvignon Blanc - nice! This was a California Savvy B, so it had none of the overly "herbaceous" notes of a New Zealand version. It did have a nice, light citrus quality without being overly acidic. In a word: yum!
Now onto food - after a tough day at work we were all famished. We deserved something comforting - how about the Roasted Garlic Bulb appetizer to share? Why not... sounded amazing, and it was. We were brought a plate of 2 giant Garlic Bulbs, that were wood fire roasted with olive oil and.served with grilled Foccacia bread. Ahhhhh.... I felt better instantly.. my wine in one hand and a piece of bread smeared with roasted garlic in the other - I was set. Did I have a stressful day? Suddenly I couldn't remember.
But, we needed something green, so we all ordred the house salad (at a mere $2.50 you can't afford not to order this) and it was fresh, and lightly dressed with a tangy vinaigrette.
Now it was time for pizza. With the brick oven right there in plain view we knew that whatever we decided on would be satisfying. We chose the Special pizza which featured roasted vegetables and a little mozzarella cheese. Now apart from a few appetizers, Bacchus' menus only offers pizza and pasta - but they do both well - so there's no need to complicate things. The pizza hit the spot - satisfying both my veggie craving (with roasted peppers, eggplant and mushrooms) and my not so healthy craving for a nice salty cheese and a fantastic crust - a little chewy a little crispy.. totally sublime..
A slice of this pizza, with another glass of wine, and good friends made this night out pure perfection.
So today I'll be working off that decadant meal - but it was so worth it.. I'm thinking of starting off today with a few Italian pastries or maybe some sugar dusted zeppole at the Italian Festival in Schenectady... why not keep the Italian theme going another day?

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